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Commodity/International Sales Careers

Commodity/International Sales Careers

Imagine a Career in Commodity Sales

See yourself identifying, evaluating, and implementing sales strategies, objectives, and action plans for all domestic sales of Jennie-O Turkey Store commodity products. Envision working with direct commodity customers and in-country agents to improve sales as measured against prior year numbers. 


Primary Functions

  • Increase fresh product sales 
  • Manage the industrial sales account, selling commodity product for further processing, at margin that exceeds commodity returns
  • Use the market versus actual report to improve sales against the market on a year-over-year basis
  • Foster relationships with industry and customer contacts to best understand and influence trade issues and regulations


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Communicate effectively: find and develop long-term relationships with new customers and deal with industry contacts
  • Timely follow through: manage the daily activities to most effectively and economically sell and distribute product
  • Drive change: continuously improve the customer base, such that the lowest-revenue customers are replaced with a more profitable base
  • Increase skill sets: continuously gain market knowledge to understand the dynamics of ever-changing market situations, and be as proactive as possible to operate most effectively under these conditions
  • Inspire employees: as the leader in the turkey industry it is imperative that we establish pricing trends and market leadership when situations dictate
  • Time management: organize and utilize time effectively to allow for completion of projects and duties and attendance in meetings all within the specified date and time


Possible Positions

Positions in this department include:

  • Domestic Sales Specialist/Manager
  • Export Sales Coordinator/Representative/Manager