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Quality Assurance Careers

Quality Assurance Careers

Imagine a Career in Quality Assurance  

See yourself managing the plant quality assurance in order to guarantee that all products produced meet all company and customer quality and food safety requirements and USDA regulations at minimal cost. Envision administering the plant’s New Turkey Inspection System (NTIS), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP), and company programs related to sanitation and plant employee hygiene and food safety.


Primary Functions

  • Manage the quality assurance function to ensure all QA personnel, procedures, and processes meet or exceed generally recognized industry standards for quality, process knowledge, technology, food safety and sanitation
  • Ensure consistent application and practice of company policies related to food safety, and ongoing compliance of the HACCP program
  • Assist the manager with maintenance of the non-conforming product retention system and in controlling the sanitation and pest control activities in an effective manner to ensure that all USDA and company standards are met


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Communicate effectively: keep all parties informed of issues and conditions in the areas that will require more detailed attention.
  • Timely follow through: effectively and efficiently complete duties and projects within specified time period.
  • Drive change: evaluate process changes and make comparisons of product, supplies, and equipment and how processes can be improved or changed.
  • Increase skill sets: provide for and direct the training of quality assurance auditing staff to ensure that the staff is capable of performing all assigned responsibilities in a fully satisfactory manner.
  • Inspire employees: lead and support the plant and QA department in the implementation of the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), as well as assist in the establishment and measurement of department and plant quality goals.
  • Time management: organize and utilize time effectively to allow for completion of projects and duties and attend meetings within the specified date and time.


Possible Positions

Positions in this department include:

  • Quality Assurance Supervisor/Manager
  • Corporate Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Labeling Nutritional Coordinator

Curt, Corporate Quality Assurance Engineer Sanitarian

Curt, Corporate Quality Assurance Engineer Sanitarian

“As you grow in your area of responsibility, doors are always opening throughout all ranges of positions. The team member that has the best qualifications, regardless of seniority, will get the job.”