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Human Resources Careers

Human Resources Careers

Imagine a Career in Human Resources 

See yourself ensuring an adequate supply of motivated and productive employees by administering work rules and policies. Opportunities exist to establish proactive strategies to facilitate positive employee relations, engagement, training, and career development.


Primary Functions

  • Ensure compliance with company policies and applicable State and Federal employment laws 
  • Facilitate processes for workforce planning and staffing 
  • Maintain training records and ensure compliance with company medical and safety management 
  • Interview and hire prospective candidates to fill the production requirements 
  • Oversee terminations and employee relations activities for the plant


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Communicate effectively: provide required feedback to subordinates and to various departments throughout the company. 
  • Timely follow through: ensure that all departments complete payroll in a timely manner and review all departments' payroll for accuracy and completion. 
  • Drive change: research different ways to administer plans for personal safety of all employees for plant security.
  • Increase skill sets: ensure proper training through orientation of new hires in work rules, safety, food safety, and plant procedures.
  • Inspire employees: motivate other team members to continually improve, while still preventing errors.
  • Time management: organize and utilize time effectively to allow for completion of projects and duties and attend meetings within the specified date and time.


Possible Positions

Positions in this department include:

  • Human Resources Representative/Manager
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Employee Benefits Manager
  • Safety Representative/Manager
  • Training and Education Manager
  • Employment Coordinator
  • Employee Relations Coordinator
  • Nurse Consultant



Lili, Senior Human Resources Representative

Lili, Senior Human Resources Representative

“It’s gratifying to work for a company that acknowledges team members talents and accomplishments.”