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Operations Careers

Operations Careers

Imagine a Career in Operations 

See yourself developing, motivating, and managing around thirty Team Members.  Through training, recognition and leading by example manage daily production schedules, and integrate quality and safety standards within the operations areas.


Primary Functions

  • Become familiar with and assist in developing an effective process improvement team environment in each operation's work center as assigned 
  • Participate in the department fiscal year planning and budgeting process as deemed appropriate by Employee Training and Development Manager
  • Analyze, review, and improve production standards in an effort to effectively meet or exceed company set yields 
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the entire operation's processing areas as assigned, including USDA standards, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), and General Manufacturing Principles (GMP) 
  • Assume supervisory responsibilities over various work centers and conduct employee meetings and training sessions as needed


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Communicate effectively: ensure effective communications and promote cooperation between all shifts, other key departments, and support staff.
  • Timely follow through: coordinate, direct, and actively participate to ensure that the department is adequately staffed and trained to meet operating objectives in the most efficient manner. 
  • Drive change: develop, recommend, and implement improvements to increase productivity, improve quality, and/or reduce costs. 
  • Increase skill sets: develop, train, and motivate subordinates in a manner that their maximum potential can be achieved in meeting the requirements of their assigned responsibilities. 
  • Inspire employees: provide leadership to the department ensuring all department goals and objectives are met. 
  • Time management: organize and utilize time effectively to allow for completion of projects and duties and attendance in meetings all within the specified date and time.


Possible Positions

Positions in this department include: 

  • Plant Manager
  • Production Supervisor/Superintendent/Manager
  • Training and Development Supervisor

Current Path