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Jennifer, Manager - Basic Processing/Raw Materials

• What was your first job at Jennie-O Turkey Store?

I started working at Jennie O Turkey Store as a General and Revenue Accounting summer intern.

• Describe your current position at Jennie-O Turkey Store and any other positions you may have held since your first job. 

Currently I am the Manager of Basic Processing/ Raw Materials for Supply Chain.  I supervise a group of individuals that schedule our raw meat flow for all our plant locations as well as our tray pack and chub scheduling.  Some of my responsibilities include directing/ overseeing the slaughter, boning and production schedules and utilizing our raw materials in the most cost effective manner.  I also attend meetings on plant variances, food safety, new product development, and high pressure pasteurization to name a few!  Other positions I've held include Revenue Finance Analyst - Retail, Egg Production/ Hatchery Cost Accountant, Staff Accountant and Intern for General Accounting.

• Why have you decided to stay with Jennie-O Turkey Store as you continue your career? 

I have decided to continue my career with Jennie O Turkey Store because of the excellent compensation and benefits package, and the ability to move up within the company.  The people who work here are extremely friendly and helpful which has made the transition from college to the working world much easier.

• If a college student asked you about careers at Jennie-O Turkey Store, what would you tell them? 

Jennie-O Turkey Store has a wide range of career options that suits a wide variety of majors.  There is room for advancement and it's just a really enjoyable place to work.

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