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Joshua, Production Superintendent

Joshua, Production Superintendent

What was your first job at Jennie-O Turkey Store?


My first job was what is referred to as a "Trainee Position" which is basically a break in position where you go through the entire plant working in each of the areas for a short period of time to gain an understanding of what happens throughout a plant.  I spent time with entry level managers learning their day-to-day routine as well as upper management seeing the strategic planning that goes into running a plant filled with hundreds of workers and millions of dollars in product. 


Describe your current position at Jennie-O Turkey Store, and any other positions you may have held since your first job.


My current job title is "Production Superintendent".  In this position I am responsible for a production area that has 23 workers and handles roughly a quarter a million dollars worth of product on an average day.  I am responsible for making safe, quality food while keeping the employees that work for me safe and happy.  Each department has several standards that are expected to be held in order for our company to stay profitable; things like yield, productivity, packaging variance, safety and other goals are very important to meet.


• Why have you decided to stay with Jennie-O Turkey Store as you continue your career?


I have decided to continue my career within Jennie-O Turkey Store for several reasons. The first is that I love my job and the people that I work with and for.  I have never seen an organization this large where the vice presidents know plant workers and enjoy seeing them succeed in their personal careers.  Other reasons as to why I have been so happy working for this company is the competitive pay, good benefits, unlimited opportunities, the constant challenges that keep each day zipping by, and many more.  Not to mention that in an economy like ours today, people still need to eat and turkey is becoming a regular part of the average diet.


• If a college student asked you about careers at Jennie-O Turkey Store, what would you tell them?


There is not a better company to start your career with right now than Jennie-O Turkey Store.  We are innovative in our product lines and adapt to all markets which continually leads to profits and bright futures.  Our culture is one that is very diverse and constantly evolving to make us one of the best meat processors in the world. 

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