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Kyle, Production Superintendent


• What was your first job at Jennie-O Turkey Store?  


My first job at Jennie-O Turkey Store was a supervisor trainee. In that position, I spent about a week in each department of the plant learning day-to-day operations and policies. Once I had moved through each department, I had the opportunity to fill in for supervisors when needed which really helped me to begin to develop my knowledge and skills


• Describe your current position at Jennie-O Turkey Store and any other positions you may have held since your first job. 


Currently I am the  Evisceration/Chill supervisor. This position has given me experience with managing 65 direct reports, two departments, and the largest physical area of any department. 

 Other duties of my job include:

 -Solving problems that can arise in seconds 

-Working together with Quality Assurance and USDA officials  

-Meeting production and safety standards

-Thinking of creative and innovative ways to change and improve our processes

-Doing weekly payroll approvals for all of my direct reports

-Knowing what all of the line jobs are and how they affect the process

-Understanding the mechanics of the line in order to solve breakdown issues 

-Knowing process standards and regulations in order to react to situations properly


 • Why have you decided to stay with Jennie-O Turkey Store as you continue your career? 


I have been with Jennie-O Turkey Store since 2008.  I have had many added responsibilities due to changes in company policies or procedures. I have matured in my role and prioritize a little differently than when I first started. I have a better understanding of where problems come from and which problems are the most urgent to take care of. The fact is that there is always something to get done and I have to be sure to divert my attention to the ones that need it the most. Sometimes it can be difficult to see where to allocate resources, but that knowledge comes with the experience. I approach direct reports a little bit differently now that I have gotten to know them and know how to deal with people in order to get results. 


• If a college student asked you about careers at Jennie-O Turkey Store, what would you tell them? 


Jennie-O Turkey Store is a stable company and a great place to have a career. Not many companies this day in age offer the things that are available here with steady work week in and week out so you don't have to be concerned about having a job next week. Pay is competitive and benefits are great. Additionally, opportunities for advancement present themselves to people who earn it.

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