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Plant Layout Project

Plant Layout Project

Project Overview

Update all Ammonia Refrigeration Prints to include labeling and tagging all valves in the Evisceration and the old and new engine rooms.  This will involve learning and becoming familiar with the general components of the Ammonia Refrigeration System.  The main goal of the project is to produce a set of updated prints which can be used in the future for maintenance, education, and emergency situations. 


Project Objectives

• Mark and tag each valve with labeling system of numbers and type of Ammonia flowing through each valve (High/Low Pressure Liquid, High/Low Pressure Vapor)
• Verify all prints to ensure entire system is drawn correctly
• Work with AutoCAD Craftsmen to update and label each valve on the prints


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In the end, this project allows the prints to be used for educating new mechanics, keeping maintenance records of the valves improving safety, and for determining corrective action in emergency situations.