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Ergonomic Project

Ergonomic Project

Project Overview

On the production floor, an ergonomically correct way of working is a high safety priority. Worker safety is our number one concern and we continually challenge ourselves to find better ways to operate safely. On our boxing line, we currently have a person manually palletizing the product from the line. He/she tends to work above his/her shoulders, increasing the chances of work-related injuries. The goal of this project was to dimension and design two below surface lifts, allowing the pallets to adjust downward to a comfortable working level.


Project Objectives

• Dimension the area with high detail
• Locate all drains and/or below surface piping
• Design a “Best-Fit” area for two pallets with limited area
• Construct a pit detail and contact a contractor


How this adds value to Jennie-O Turkey Store

Adding these below surface lifts allows for a fluid motion from the workers as they palletize the product, reducing work-related injury.