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Team Charter

 Our Mission

Jennie-O Turkey Store is in the food business. We market great-tasting food products made primarily from turkey. We work to delight consumers and customers with our products and service.

Our Team is the leader in the turkey industry because we are the best at managing all segments of our supply chain from the consumers’ eating experience back to the egg.

Our Vision

Jennie-O Turkey Store is taking turkey into tomorrow through leadership in innovation and by inspiring the trust and confidence of our customers.
Critical Success Factors


  • We optimize annualized sales and margin growth in all value-added components of our business.
  • Our Team Members operate the most effective consumer-to-raw material supply chain in the food/turkey business, which meets agreed-upon customer expectations 100% of the time.
  • We are the leading innovator in marketing and product development. The JENNIE-O™ brand is supported to make it the number-one brand of turkey products.
  • Team Members and brokers have the competence and commitment to make the Jennie-O Turkey Store Charter a reality.
  • Our Team Members’ ultimate responsibility is to protect the JENNIE-O™ brand by providing safe, wholesome products to our consumers and customers.
  • From our flocks to the environment, we are good stewards of the assets entrusted into our care.
  • Team Members, brokers and key suppliers are expected to embrace the principles of continuous improvement, with particular consideration given to products, services and processes.
  • We meet or exceed our financial plans and the expectations of the Hormel Foods Corporation and its shareholders.


Our Values

Team Members - We will provide an environment in which:

  • The safety of our Team Members is of the utmost importance.
  • Trust, mutual respect and open communication are commonplace.
  • Success is achieved because we value our diverse Team Members and encourage them to leverage their unique experiences and perspectives for the betterment of the team.
  • Team Members are passionate about continuous improvement, innovation and prevention of errors.
  • Everyone strives to satisfy the needs of internal and external customers 100% of the time.
  • Team Members receive competitive base wages and benefits with the opportunity for greater total pay based on superior performance or through opportunities for advancement.
  • Teamwork and positive behavior contribute to an enjoyable working experience.
  • Performance and behavior are expected to meet or exceed expected standards for the job and workplace behavior.

Consumers - We strive to:

  • Anticipate, listen and respond to consumer desires for innovative new products.
  • Develop loyal consumers through continuous improvement of product quality and consistency.
  • Be a trustworthy provider of safe, wholesome, nutritious and great-tasting food products of excellent value.

Trade Customers - We strive to:

  • Provide service that is innovative, responsive, reliable, courteous and professional.
  • Develop partnerships with our customers to assure mutual success.
  • Provide quality products supported by innovative and effective marketing programs.
  • Provide continuous improvement in the area of food safety initiatives.

Supplier/Partner Relationships - We will develop mutually beneficial supplier/partner relationships built on:

  • Trust and respect.
  • Optimization of total value through innovation, technology and process improvement.
  • Delivering agreed upon expectations for quality, price and service.

Communities - We serve our communities by:

  • Operating modern, clean, safe and efficient facilities that add value to the community.
  • Our philanthropy, active participation and leadership in community affairs.
  • Developing and maintaining cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships with our neighbors, communities and regulatory agencies.


AJ, Maintenance Engineer Intern

AJ, Maintenance Engineer Intern

"You can just tell that the employees value their job and all the supervisors treat their employees as if everyone is an important piece of the puzzle making Jennie-O Turkey Store the successful company that it is.”