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Team Commitment

I. As a Team Member, I have the following expectations of my supervisor:

  • My supervisor will explain Jennie-O Turkey Store’s business and policies to me and train me to do my job with a customer satisfaction focus, in a safe and efficient manner.
  • My performance will be evaluated against the expected standards for the job and workplace behavior.
  • If I am not performing my job to standard, my supervisor will work with me to decide if I should receive additional training, try another job, or discontinue my employment.
  • My supervisor will support my area and me by providing the necessary resources and facilitating the elimnation of potential barriers to the total Team’s success.
  • My supervisor will support me with the opportunity for additional training and responsibility based upon the company’s needs and my work performance and qualifications.
  • My supervisor will discuss and explain changes in company objectives, plans, or policies. When changes directly affect my job duties or work area, my input will be requested and considered.
  • My supervisor wants my ideas and concerns, which will receive appropriate consideration by my supervisor or higher levels of management with my supervisor’s assistance. I will be informed of the outcome in a timely manner.
  • My supervisor will provide training and support needed to maintain a fair, friendly, and respectful workplace for all Team Members.


II. My supervisor has the following expectations of me as a Team Member:

  • I will perform my job at or better than expected standards with a customer satisfaction focus, in a safe and efficient manner.
  • I will keep my supervisor informed regarding my attendance, safety issues, product quality, my ability to perform my job, or other matters affecting the Team.
  • I will support the Team through my job performance and any ideas or suggestions I have for the successful accomplishment of our objectives. I will ask if I need help or don't understand something. If I don't like something, I will offer alternatives to someone who can change it or address the concern.
  • I will pursue my ideas or concerns with my supervisor and higher levels of management, if necessary, until they are answered or resolved.
  • I will comply with Jennie-O Turkey Store’s policies, procedures, and rules and expect the same of my fellow Team Members.
  • I will treat other Team Members in a friendly and respectful manner and not expect special treatment or favors that can’t be fairly offered to all Team Members within my area.

Lili, Senior Human Resources Representative

Lili, Senior Human Resources Representative

“Employees from diverse backgrounds can bring individual skills and experience to a team, which provides a variety of ideas that can be adapted to meet the ever changing needs of a demanding market.”