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Managing Principles

It is the responsibility and objective of each management person, to the best of his or her ability, to make the Jennie-O Turkey Store Charter a reality; and to deliver to the Team Members supervised, the expectations defined by the Team Commitment. Our Charter, Team Commitment and Managing Principles should be reviewed annually, or more frequently, with all Team Members.

As each management person strives to accomplish this, these Managing Principles should be followed:

  • People are our most important asset. Our company objectives are accomplished with people.
    • Management is getting things done with people.
    • To be a successful supervisor, I must have successful people.
    • I get paid for what my people and I accomplish together.
  • Supervisors are responsible for the success of their Team Members. Through training, counseling, personal recognition, and example, supervisors should work with all of their Team Members so each person is capable of making the maximum contribution possible.
  • Misunderstandings and disagreements do occur between supervisors and their Team Members. It is the supervisor's responsibility to resolve questions or disagreements as promptly as possible. If a supervisor cannot personally resolve the issue to the Team Member's satisfaction, the supervisor should immediately assist the person in getting the issue resolved with the next supervisor in the chain of command. Human Resources is available to either the Team Member or supervisor for help in resolving problems. Under our Open Door Policy, anyone can be consulted for help to get the issue resolved or the question answered as quickly as possible.
  • People and jobs change over time. As a result of these changes, such as health, accidents, or personal problems, individuals may no longer be successful at their jobs. Supervisors must be attentive to these changes. Within reason, individuals should receive training, a new work assignment, or have their present job modified so they can be successful. Jennie-O Turkey Store, through its supervisors, will make reasonable accommodation to attempt to keep our people contributing and successfully employed. Supervisors should strive to achieve the necessary Team Member cooperation and participation to make these changes a success. If after a dedicated and sincere effort the person is still not successful, the employment should end.
  • Jennie-O Turkey Store desires to promote from within, recognizing that at time we may recruit outside the company.Supervisors are responsible for the counseling and preparation of their Team Members so that they may be considered for advancement opportunities.
    • Each individual Team Member is necessary and important to Jennie-O Turkey Store.
    • Our policies, programs, rules, and regulations are intended to apply equally to all people within their area. Through communication, administration, enforcement, and example, each management person is responsible to assure fairness.
    • Each member of management is responsible for understanding the wage and benefit programs for their Team Members and for conducting timely performance reviews.
  • Members of our management team are expected to conduct themselves in a manner reflecting the ethics and integrity of the company and for ensuring that the Team Members they supervise do so as well.

If you need help or don't understand something, ask. If you don't like something, offer alternatives to someone who can change it and answer the concern. Expect and encourage the same from all other Team Members.

Ana, Employee Relations

Ana, Employee Relations

“Jennie-O Turkey Store wants everyone to succeed and be successful. The company is able to give any employee the opportunity to grow.”