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Smoked Whole Turkey

Smoked Whole Turkey

Fully cooked Smoked Whole Turkey gives you that savory smoked turkey flavor in as little as two hours! Just thaw, heat, and carve! Type your zip code into the product locator below to find where to buy one. Look for frozen Smoked Whole Turkey in the freezer section.  

  • Fully Cooked
  • Simply Heat & Serve
  • Gravy Recipe
  • Product may appear pink due to the smoking process, but product is fully cooked and safe to eat. Enjoy!

Find this product in the freezer section of your grocery store.


Serving Size85 g


Calories From Fat40

Total Fat4.5 g

Saturated Fat1.5 g

Trans Fat.0 g

Cholesterol65 mg

Sodium380 mg

Total Carbohydrates0 g

Dietary Fiber0 g

Sugars0 g

Protein19 g

Vitamin A0%

Vitamin C0%




Ingredients: Turkey, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphate, Carrageenan, Sodium Nitrite.

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    Thaw 48-72 hours in refrigerator. Do not thaw at room temperature. Always leave in sealed plastic during thawing.

    Preheat oven to 300°F. Remove outer and inner bags placing turkey and juices in large roasting pan. Reheat uncovered on lower rack in over for 2-2. 5 hours. Let stand 20 minutes before cutting.