Carving: Prep

Allow the turkey to stand 20 minutes after cooking before carving. Use a long, sharp carving knife and meat fork to prevent the turkey from moving. Carve on a clean cutting board.

Step 1

With a pair of scissors, cut the plastic clasp holding the drums together.

Step 2

Hold the end of the drum. Cut through the joint between leg and body. Remove the entire leg by pulling out and back. Serve whole or cut through the joint of the thigh and drum.

Step 3

Make a long, horizontal cut into the breast just above the wing. Insert a meat fork in the top of the breast.

Step 4

Starting halfway up the breast, carve thin slices down to the horizontal cut.

Step 5

Continue to carve thin slices, starting at a higher point each time.

Step 6

Repeat steps on the other side of the turkey.

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