Badger Creek- 13 Acres

Region - East Central Minnesota

Words From The Farm

“We honestly love what we do! We choose this life as it gives us the opportunity to keep us close to our roots which is farm life, the outdoors and rural life. We are so fortunate to raise our family on the farm because they learn firsthand how mom and dad make a living and how important it is that work comes first. All family members are part of the farm chores involved in raising day old turkey poults to market age light hens. Growing turkeys takes hourly vigilance, daily consistency and total labor and investment; the entire family is a part of the process. It warms our hearts to see our children eager to be active in the farm operations by working with us on daily chores, flock checks and the labor intensive brooding when the turkeys are just little babies. Not a day goes by without a discussion on, “How are the birds?” Load outs are exciting days because the turkeys we cared for every day for 12 weeks are going to market. Typically the family gathers to enjoy lunch on load out days and together watch the progress of the birds loaded onto trucks and taken off to market. This is a time to celebrate just a bit, to savor the satisfaction and pride of seeing the healthy turkeys leave the farm for their final destination- a family’s dinner table. We want you to know we work hard each day to raise the finest turkeys for you. We want you to be happy with the product, so that we can keep doing what we love.”