Not sure how to season a turkey burger? While they taste great on their own, it’s easy to punch up the flavor by getting creative with your favorite seasonings.

STEP 1: Start by choosing a flavor

Our favorites are listed below, but you can season your turkey burger with most anything you find in your cupboard.

STEP 2: Season your turkey burger

Once you’ve chosen your flavor, it’s time to season the turkey burgers. If you are using Lean Ground Turkey, you can simply mix it into the meat before forming patties. If you’re using pre-formed patties you can wait and sprinkle the seasoning onto your burger just before it’s done grilling.

Or, easier yet, simply buy pre-seasoned patties, like our 1/3 LB Seasoned Turkey Burgers or Lean Seasoned Turkey Burgers.

Love flavor? Try some of our most flavorful turkey burger recipes:

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